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Are you looking for a trusted insurance agency in North Carolina or Virginia? As a family-owned insurance provider in Moyock, NC, InsureCo LLC offers auto, home, renters, motorcycle insurance, and more. Give us a call today to discuss your unique needs at 252-232-4400 or 855-716-4400!

Homeowners Insurance

InsureCo LLC provides a policy for whatever dwelling you need to protect. The basic homeowner’s policy covers fire and smoke damage, lightning strikes, windstorms, theft, vandalism, and numerous other areas that may cause home damage, but a broad homeowner policy is the most common instrument used. The broad form expands on a basic policy to include coverage for falling objects, the weight of snow and ice, freezing of household systems, pipe damage and some other areas. Beyond these two common coverages, we offer special policies for homeowners who seek protections that may be particular to their geographic area or home design, as well as for older homes and trailer homes.

Auto Insurance

Our experienced agents at InsureCo LLC will guide you through the maze of insurance offerings available to make sure that you have the coverage you legally need, first and foremost, and that you are not leaving yourself vulnerable in the event of an accident. There are blind spots on the road when you are driving, and there are blind spots in auto insurance coverage, too. Just meeting a state-mandated minimum does not mean you have the coverage that is correct for your vehicle or your future financial well-being. We’ve seen it all through many years of insuring drivers. Let our extensive experience work for you, providing you the very best coverage that suits your needs at the very best value.

Renters Insurance

We offer renters insurance at rates that are so incredibly affordable, you’ll have total peace of mind that you are fully protected even though your budget will barely feel it. Renting is becoming an increasingly popular option in the era of foreclosures, upside-down mortgages, and a wave of new rental properties across the country that are both beautiful to look at and live in. But the truth of the matter is that renting does expose you to some upticks in protection concerns. Renting usually means that you are in closer proximity to other people, and where there is more human traffic, there is naturally a higher possibility of mishaps. Another reality of renting is that previous tenants or the landlord may not have taken care of things as well as they should have. This leaves you more vulnerable to repairs or other unforeseen issues. Call us today to learn more!

Motorcycle & ATV Insurance

Whether you roll on two wheels or three, through the city streets or across the country roads, InsureCo LLC will provide you the coverage that will have you fully protected but keep more dollars in your pocket to spend when you reach your destination! Bundling packages always bring significant savings, and our agents are privy to more discounts available for your mobile toys than you can imagine. Let’s face it – it’s expensive enough as it is just to afford the vehicles we need to get us to and from work to pay for the vehicles that we really enjoy. Throw in the costs of purchasing the bike or ATV and who needs prohibitive insurance costs on top of it all? Call us today and check out the savings we can provide!

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance helps cover vehicles used for business purposes such as cars, trucks, and vans. It covers vehicle damage and driver injuries. Many commercial auto policies also include liability insurance to cover your business’s legal costs if one of your employees gets into an accident. Every company faces unique risks. We can work with you to customize policies to help meet specific business needs. Get a commercial car insurance quote today to learn how you can protect your small business while on the road!

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